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What does Shanti Bhavan mean to you?



Shanti Bhavan means everything to me. My year at SB taught me what it meant to be human, to be vulnerable, to be strong. SB taught me to cherish small moments of happiness, to dance, to step outside myself and my comfort zone and become a part of something greater.

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Shanti Bhavan represents the junction in which a relentless dedication to educating children meets the embodiment of hope, love, and compassion. My time at SB not only shaped me as an educator, but also built life-long friendships with the students, on-site staff, and the rest of the volunteer team. The children of Shanti Bhavan will forever hold a special place in my heart.





As an educator, being a volunteer teacher at Shanti Bhavan has been a truly transformative experience both professionally and personally. Shanti Bhavan allows for anyone who becomes actively involved with the school to witness first hand the profound power of a high caliber education.

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I loved my experience at Shanti Bhavan in June 2017. I had the opportunity to see with my eyes what I’ve always dreamed of: love generates other love and education is a powerful tool to improve the future of children all over the world. The beautiful smiles of the children and the kindness of their souls reminded me that we can hope for a better future. Shanti Bhavan is truly a piece of heaven where dreams come true.

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Shanti Bhavan has cultivated a truly unique community in which all members, from teachers and volunteers to staff members and administrators, have the best interests of the students at heart and work incredibly hard to that end. This spirit, as well as the beautiful SB children who embody it, has made my involvement with SB one of the most rewarding aspects of my life and a source of great friendship, pride, and joy.





The Shanti Bhavan model proves that the cycle of poverty can and will end through education. My experience at Shanti Bhavan has not only transformed my work as an educator back in the United States but also has given me a renewed sense of purpose and a home away from home. Shanti Bhavan truly is a haven of peace.






My Shanti Bhavan experience was a pivotal point in my life. I had never felt such passion for anything else. In the school, I found probably some of the biggest challenges but also the best rewards. The children’s joy is contagious and it stays in your heart forever. After Shanti Bhavan, I decided to become a teacher and now I am a Teach for America Corps member in Detroit.





I’ve never met a more tight-knit community than the one found at Shanti Bhavan. From the first time I stepped onto campus, I felt like I had been welcomed into a new family. At Shanti Bhavan, I grew immensely as an individual, learning from the students the values of love, community, hard work, and strong character. The children inspired me every day, and will continue to have a lasting impression on my heart.





I came to Shanti Bhavan as an engineer and I discovered myself as an educator. After more than a decade of repeated visits and volunteering, I can say that there is no other school like Shanti Bhavan. This school is the reason why I now dedicate myself to designing and developing educational innovation projects. It is not only a magnificent place to share your knowledge with children who really deserve it, but it is also a place to learn and transform yourself.





A day at Shanti Bhavan is a day with purpose. It’s a day to be curious and laugh freely and cement memories so vivid that you can still taste them years later (or maybe that’s the dosa?). My conception of opportunity and of true commitment to community is grounded in my time spent at SB; it is an experience that guides me everyday.



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