Our children escape generational poverty,
bringing their families with them.

How does Shanti Bhavan change our children’s lives?

We measure our impact based on where our students are five years after they finish the Shanti Bhavan program. Our graduates are authors, computer scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and more. They make more in the first five years of their careers than their parents will in a lifetime. Our children:

Graduate with top marks.

Pursue their dreams in premier universities.

Excel in their careers and give back to their communities.


Shanti Bhavan reaches beyond our students.

Shanti Bhavan graduates bring themselves out of poverty and carry hundreds of others with them. From day one, Shanti Bhavan instills in them the importance of fighting against social discrimination and poverty. Shanti Bhavan children uplift their communities by:

Paying off generational debt.

Funding education opportunities for younger brothers and sisters.

Serving as leaders of positive change in their communities.



Make a monthly donation to support hundreds of children, from their first day of school to their first day of work.