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2011 Personal Statements – Risen from the Ashes

April 18, 2011

Risen from the Ashes Tears trickled out of my distraught eyes, frightened and saddened as I was.  The wind blew ash all around choking my breath, as our shack went up in flame. My sobs reflected my family’s despair as the treacherous fire destroyed our home, all belongings, clothing and cattle. Wrought with fear of […]

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2011 Personal Statements – Building Blocks for a Bright Future

April 11, 2011

Building Blocks for a Bright Future I don’t remember much about my early childhood until it was completely changed. All that remain in my mind about those forgotten years are unfocused memories of my mother braiding my overgrown hair, walking to my small village school through dense sugarcane fields, climbing trees, escaping from classes to […]

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2011 Personal Statements – Gaining the Power to Transform

April 4, 2011

Gaining the Power to Transform As the early morning light would wake her up, she knew it was the beginning of another day of struggle for survival.  She would feed her children whatever little she had, and then leave them with her husband to go to work in the factory. She would return from work each evening more exhausted than the […]

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2011 Personal Statements – A Thalli of Hope

March 28, 2011

A Thalli of Hope The scene is so clear in my mind that I can almost see it before my eyes. My mother is crouching on the cold floor; my father is hovering over her. His hands are on the chain around her neck that had tied around her neck long ago, the day he […]

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