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Shanti Bhavan Celebrates Its 5th Graduation with Four Days of Festivities!

July 9, 2014

Dear Friends, At the beginning of June, we celebrated the graduation of our fifth class of Shanti Bhavan graduates and the second class of college graduates. Graduation is always a time of great joy here at Shanti Bhavan, and so for this year one of the many things we did was put together a video […]

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Shanti Bhavan Presents: The Class of 2011

June 17, 2011

Meet the Class of 2011 in this stunning video.  Each graduate shares their favorite memories of Shanti Bhavan and their dreams.  See how much the children have grown since they came to our school 13 years ago!

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2011 Personal Statements – Hope Risen From Flame

April 25, 2011

Hope Risen From Flame I was five when I faced my first enemy. I watched helplessly as the man, who called me, ‘son’, poured kerosene over my mother. My hatred for him rose up in angry flames like the ones eating away at my mother’s skin, as I tried to pull him away from her. […]

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2011 Personal Statements – Risen from the Ashes

April 18, 2011

Risen from the Ashes Tears trickled out of my distraught eyes, frightened and saddened as I was.  The wind blew ash all around choking my breath, as our shack went up in flame. My sobs reflected my family’s despair as the treacherous fire destroyed our home, all belongings, clothing and cattle. Wrought with fear of […]

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