Shanti Bhavan redefines what is possible.

We bring children from generational poverty to a life of dignity and achievement.

Our unprecedented educational model reaches beyond individual students to tackle poverty and create positive change in their families and communities.


Shanti Bhavan’s Holistic Approach:



Our Approach

Shanti Bhavan students are the first in their families to become authors, computer scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and more.

Our Children

Change starts with us.

Our Team

We're in this together.

Our Partners

Help Us Build Our Second School!

Each year, Shanti Bhavan is forced to turn away hundreds of children because one school simply cannot take in all of them. With your help, we will construct a second school that will change the lives of hundreds of new children.

Please visit our dedicated fundraising campaign to ensure the children of tomorrow get the best chance they can in life.