Support Shanti Bhavan’s Green Initiative

April 22, 2021

Support Shanti Bhavan’s Green Initiative

April 22, 2021


Dear Friend,

Since 1997, Shanti Bhavan has been a pioneer in sustainability by implementing solar-powered energy, water recycling, and organic farming practices.

Over the past 12 months, we have increasingly relied on our sustainable practices to limit operating costs. As we plan for the upcoming academic year, we seek your help in raising $35,000 to support our sustainability initiatives:

  • Organic Farm: Over 90% of the produce consumed on campus is grown on our organic farms—vegetables, fruits, grain, and lentils. By donating, you enable us to purchase seeds, fertilizer, and a tractor to allow us to continue providing our students and staff with nutritious meals every day.

  • Solar Pumping System: Shanti Bhavan is located in Krishnagiri District, which has seen a 57% decline in rainfall in recent years, leading to severe water shortage. To ensure that the 300+ individuals living at Shanti Bhavan have enough water to cover their basic needs, we hope to purchase a 7.5 horsepower solar water pumping system to support two of our wells.

  • 4 Solar Systems: 85% of Shanti Bhavan operates on solar energy. We require replacement batteries for four of our 6KVA Solar Systems to service our campus.

Our hope is always to offer the children of Shanti Bhavan a sustainable, comfortable, and safe living environment so they can continue to thrive.

Thank you for your investment in our future.

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