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Shanti Bhavan Welcomes Our Youngest Learners!

November 21, 2016

Shanti Bhavan Welcomes Our Youngest Learners!

November 21, 2016


We were excited to welcome 24 new preschoolers in June to Shanti Bhavan! These 12 girls and 12 boys have been learning a tremendous amount in the last few months including learning English, counting to 10, singing nursery rhymes, and settling down to a predictable routine.

The preschoolers have gotten two chances already to present their newly developed skills for the entire school at assembly! In September, they introduced themselves one-by-one, reciting proudly to the audience their name, age, and hometown. The second event was held just a few weeks later to display their creative talents! The class sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and a unique rendition of “The Alphabet Song.”

Many of our children were brought from the slums of Hosur and Bangalore and nearby villages which lacked the basic necessities such as proper meals, shelter, and protection needed by a child. They have been growing leaps and bounds despite the hardships they came from. With high quality and consistent support and structure, though, it’s clear that all children can prosper!

It is remarkable to see how well our preschoolers have adjusted in the loving, nurturing environment of Shanti Bhavan. They immediately began bonding with their fellow classmates and found friendship and comfort in their older Shanti Bhavan brothers and sisters. The senior classes feel a big responsibility to the preschoolers to ensure they are comfortable and happy, just as the earlier grades did for them when they first started at Shanti Bhavan.

We are proud to have a vibrant class of 24 this year and we look forward to seeing what their future holds at Shanti Bhavan!

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