School Day by Ramesh (9th grade)

October 29, 2007

School Day by Ramesh (9th grade)

October 29, 2007

This year we celebrated the decade since the opening of our school. It was also the first time that Broadway performers trained us for such a performance. We were all excited, besides the Broadway performers were also performing for our guests and parents.

This was the day that all our hard work and our practices was to bear fruit. We did our best.

First of all the third graders were trained by Michael Shawn Louis to announce each program. I must say that they were quick, clear, and smart in their announcements.

For our first and welcoming program we had Bina (10th grade) dance a classical dance. All of us agreed that she truly had the talent for dancing.

The second item was from our pre-schoolers. They had an action song where they criticized the love and marriage of vegetables. They were very cute with their costumes of a vegetable as well as a marriage dress.

The first graders were heroic with their dance to a beautiful Hindi song.

The fourth graders were magnificent with their costumes of different animals and puppets. They showed us the different dances of some animals in our world. The fifth graders truly became Punjabi with their Punjabi dance. Through this dance we were able to get to know a lot about the Punjabi people.
We also had Dr. George’s niece, who is a professional Opera singer, sing a solo for us. It was a memorable experience. Then there was solo piano piece by Praveen. He is a eighth grade student. He played very well and his timing was excellent.

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